Security and Tempo

Learn how we keep your money and data secure, and what you can do to ensure your Tempo account is safe.


Your money can only be sent to you

When you take money out it'll only ever go into the bank account you provided to us. There's no physical way for anybody to move money anywhere else. Your money can only go to you.

Investments held securely by a custodian

Investments made by our funds are not held within the app or by Tempo. Instead, they’re held by an independent company, Adminis. This reputable NZ company acts as a custodian of investments. They hold onto investments for the funds. Keeping them separate from Tempo itself. This means Tempo can’t use this money. Investments are held securely until you’re ready to cash in your funds.


Strong app security protecting your data

The tech is in place to protect your data and we test it often. You have peace of mind knowing your info and investments are stored securely.

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Independent Testing

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Password, PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Things you can do to enhance security

Here are some ways you can keep your app as secure as possible:

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Always keep your password and PIN secret

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Have a PIN on your phone and make sure it's always locked when unattended

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Keep your app up-to-date by downloading the updates when prompted

Want to learn more about keeping safe online? Check out Own your Online (a NZ Government website about cyber security).

About scams

Unfortunately, internet scams are a fact of life, especially in the investment industry. Here are some key things we'll never do or ask of you:

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We'll never ask for your Tempo password

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We'll never ask for personal bank login details via social media or email

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We'll never ask you to put money into any other bank account other than the Tempo account displayed in the app

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We'll never send you links that aren't consistent with what Tempo does, offers, or convey a sense of undue urgency (phising scams)

If you recieve a suspicious looking communication, please get in touch at

These are our official communication channels.

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