Fees that work for you, no matter what you invest

Pay fund fees only. No minimum investment amounts, or charges for your contributions.

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Yeah, but what does Tempo actually cost?

You'll be paying fund fees, calculated daily from your investments.

Our fee

per annum

This covers all the features, benefits and services you get from the app, including our financial advice. This fee is deducted from your investments and reflected in the total value.


Underlying fund fees

depending on mix of funds

Each Forsyth Barr Fund invests into an underlying fund, which comes with a fee charged by the fund manager. Not by Tempo. We estimate these fees will be between 0.10% and 0.75%.


Total fee

depending on mix of funds

Your total fund fee includes our fee plus underlying fund fees. For a typical Tempo portfolio this is likely to be approximately 1.21%. Actual total fund charges will vary depending on your fund mix.

For more on fees, read the Forsyth Barr Funds Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

An example fee scenario

After a customer’s first year investing towards their goal

Initial Deposit
Regular investments
Total fees
End of year balance

That’s less than a year’s worth of Netflix

This scenario is for a balanced investor with an 5.5 year goal duration. It assumes the following:

  • Invested $5,000 at the start of their first year and made monthly contributions of $500
  • Accepted advice from Tempo Limited, based on Tempo’s original recommendation (with no customisation to their fund mix)
  • Wasn’t required to rebalance over the year
  • Factors in a market return of 3.5% for the year

The total fee for the first year is an estimated $98.49. This includes our fees of $69.11 and underlying fund fees of $29.38.

The total fee for this scenario equates to an estimated 1.21% of the amount invested.

This example is for illustration purposes only. How this actually plays out in real life will depend on things like your fund mix, investor type, goal duration and market movements.

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For all types of investors

Tempo suits any type of investor no matter how you choose to invest. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to investing, or well-seasoned. There's no minimum amount you need to invest, or transaction fees applied to your contributions.

You can withdraw your money whenever you like and won’t be charged for it. Even though you’re not locked in, we don’t recommend using Tempo like a bank account. Generally the longer you invest, the more opportunity your investments have to grow (or recover from dips).

Get all of this with Tempo.

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Customised advice to suit your goal and your investor type.

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We balance the risk and reward for you.

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Recommendations are designed and regularly reviewed by our experts.

Bell icon

Prompts when to update your investments.

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Fees automatically reflected in your total value.

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Tax on earnings is looked after for you.

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Investments spread across US, NZ, AUS and globally in multiple industries and countries.

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A large variety of investments, no matter the amount you invest.

Buy and sell spreads

At times of higher than usual market ups and downs, we may apply a buy or sell spread to the price of units in our funds. A buy spread is added when you buy units and a sell spread is deducted when you redeem them as a result of a withdrawal or switch. These spreads are used to cover higher than usual transaction costs that can arise in certain circumstances from an investor’s purchase, withdrawal or switch. They aren't a fee paid to Tempo or a fund manager.

If we consider market conditions are normal, generally, there won't be any buy or sell spreads. We'll publish any buy or sell spreads here, if they happen. You can find more information buy and sell spreads in the Product Disclosure Statement.

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