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With guided investment you get the benefit of proactive and ongoing advice. Delivered to you by the Tempo app, throughout your investment journey.

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Start with a goal and Tempo will do the rest


Goal choices to suit you.

Select a goal to invest towards or decide later. Dream big with Tempo!


Track your progress.

Watch your money grow and see how you're tracking towards your goal.


Get investment advice.

We'll recommend a mix of our funds to suit your goal and comfort with risk.


Guidance along the way.

Our investment advice will guide you throughout your goal's journey.

Our difference

There's no need to spend hours finding the right investments

Investing takes time and effort. There are companies to research, financial reports to read, investment strategies to consider, markets to understand, and of course risk to take into account.

Understanding all that is almost a job in itself. Tempo is your shortcut. We help you identify your comfort with risk, then give advice based on your money goal and investor type. The best part? Guided investing means we help you manage your investments from start to finish. Leaving you with more time to do the things you enjoy.

How our advice works

Investor type

Your investor type

Discover your investor type with a simple questionnaire

Your goal

Select a goal and customise it to suit your needs

Our advice

An investment portfolio tailored to your goal

Deposit money

“Tempo's easy to follow, jargonless onboarding process aims to assess the user's risk and reward appetite”


”Tempo leverages Forsyth's existing financial advice provider licence, allowing it to make ongoing investment recommendations to users - a feature few online DIY investment services are allowed to have”

New Zealand Herald

“Aiming to support Kiwis on the path to wealth through advice and a customised journey”

Idea Log

Taking the guesswork out of investing

When it comes to investing, our research* shows, many Kiwis aren't sure where to start or how to move forward. This can lead to people making investment decisions based on guesswork.

Tempo removes key barriers, such as where to invest or how to manage investments over time. We recommend investments for you, track your goal's progress, and provide advice throughout your goal’s journey. Simple.

*Research conducted by Pure Profile in July 2023. NZ rep. sample of 1,004 respondents.


Head of Tempo

Forsyth Barr

Backed by investment expertise. Forsyth Barr are leaders in wealth management and have been helping New Zealanders invest for over 85 years.

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Achieve your goal with NZ's first guided investment app.

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