Venue 2 - Papa Tuarua

Papa Tuarua is our venue that supports static digital artifacts such as photographic series, essays, creative writing passages and illustrations. This venue highlights the multiplicity of modes that dance-makers will often move through as they undertake creative processes. It also activates collaborative connections between dance-makers and photographers, writers and visual artists. During the Ka Awatea season, we will enjoy critical essay, documentation, and see new resources created for artists and the many dance communities in Aotearoa. 

Dance Doc: A Resource For Emerging Artists

Amber Liberté

Dance Doc: A Resource For Emerging Artists is a free document for graduates, emerging artists, or anyone who wants to continue learning about rehearsal spaces, how to practice safely with a collective, and how to put on a show – no easy feat! This document was inspired by the lack of information after graduating, and is made in the hope it can provide some support for many of the most vulnerable practitioners.

Thank you to the many practitioners, collectives, artists, rehearsal spaces, mentors, supporters etc. who have provided emerging artists with the downlow on how to survive and sustain their practice in the arts sector.

Photo by Jocelyn Janon


29th October - 1st November
From 10am on 29th October
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Amber Liberté is a freelance theatre, dance & film practitioner and continues to work with professional and emerging companies/collectives. She is a massive advocate for creating a dancers union, after seeing the lack of support dancers have in Aotearoa. Amber’s most recent dance works include: I Imagined My Backyard As A Moonscape Full Of Citrus (Film - Java Dance), Standing In The Threshold (between the void & light) (Footnote Dance NZ), Our Modern Earth (Basement Theatre), and Akl Babel (Basement Theatre). Amber is the founder of shift – a collective which umbrellas her works.