Venue 2 - Papa Tuarua

Papa Tuarua is our venue that supports static digital artifacts such as photographic series, essays, creative writing passages and illustrations. This venue highlights the multiplicity of modes that dance-makers will often move through as they undertake creative processes. It also activates collaborative connections between dance-makers and photographers, writers and visual artists. During the Putiputi season, we will enjoy critical essay, documentation, and see new resources created for artists and the many dance communities in Aotearoa. 




We received this year as a necessary and ultimate re-calibrator.

A great confront.

A magnification of inner voices.


Leaning into the confrontation we heard a calling to deepen our engagement.

To expand our peripherals.

To act more from Love where Love may seem difficult to identify.


Pivoting our gaze more internally, to reevaluate, question more and refine how are we are connecting and relating to the world, to art, to our friends and family. This thought process permeated through out our entire practices and way of living, which lead us to daily talanoa and unearthing's of our creative consciousness.


From extended detangling and intentional deciphering over the past six months, this ENFYS NEST is an offering of what was summoned and discovered to help serve growth and guide us to a deepened understanding of what it means to be, and to be an artist.


This ENFYS NEST also acts as an announcement for CONJAH holding an open creative space in January in Porirua's Pataka for all dancers/movement artists - Also called 'ENFYS NEST'. Further details will be released by both of us on our social mediums.


We send acknowledgement and gratitude to the Hawaiian artist and friend Solomon Enos / @solomonenos for allowing us to collaborate with his phenomenal world-artworks that continue to inspire us. And most of all, we both would not have been able to offer such a considered piece if it wasn't for the incredible Tempo Dance Festival and Cat Ruka's love and support. Your patience enabled us to fully identify how we could best pursue purpose in this current climate that calls on Love, art and community. Vinaka vakalevu, faafetai lava, thank you.


We are both proud to extend this to the cypher.


With Love,




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