Venue 2 - Papa Tuarua

Papa Tuarua is our venue that supports static digital artifacts such as photographic series, essays, creative writing passages and illustrations. This venue highlights the multiplicity of modes that dance-makers will often move through as they undertake creative processes. It also activates collaborative connections between dance-makers and photographers, writers and visual artists. During the Ka Awatea season, we will enjoy critical essay, documentation, and see new resources created for artists and the many dance communities in Aotearoa. 

About No Thing

Amit Noy

About No Thing is an essay about race and dance-making. Which bodies float upwards, out of politics, towards transcendence? All of us in Aotearoa are in conversation with the living story of colonisation. Let’s move in the knowledge that we are never just making shapes.

How can we arrive at dance differently?

Words by: Amit Noy

Photos by: Ilan Noy

Thank you to Miguel Gutierrez and Michael Keegan-Dolan for inspiring this essay.


Tempo has recommended this due to the mention of slavery and subjection of Black and Indigenous People.



18th -22nd August
From 10am on 18th August
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Amit Noy is Latinx-Israeli and grew up in Hawai’i, where he studied hula under Kahelepuna Richardson-Naki. Since 2011 he has lived in Pōneke, where he studied with Deirdre Tarrant, and is now at the New Zealand School of Dance. Amit dances for Michael Keegan-Dolan/Teaċ Daṁsa. In Hebrew, ‘Amit’ means good friend.



Headshot by Clare Langan