Venue 1 - Papa Tuatahi

Papa Tuatahi is our headlining venue that platforms new and archival dance film created by artists from Aotearoa and beyond. throughout our Ka Awatea season you will experience a wide range of filmic styles that question and probe societal structures, bring joy through satire, showcase student works and encourage us to look inwards at our own hauora.

Half n Half

Toa Kohatura Paranihi

A conversation with oneself about the ongoing battle of belonging. What it is like sitting on the fence, being Māori and European, navigating through the awkward encounters, expectations and assumptions from people throughout life that has left many questions unanswered...

This is a short dance video that will be presented on the Tempo Website.

Thank you to everyone whom I have talked to on this matter, and all that opened up to share their own experiences with me.


12th-15th August
From 1pm on the 12th August
10 mins
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Toa is a freelancing Contemporary/Hip-Hop dancer from Wellington. He graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2017. Since then he has performed both nationally and internationally in both the contemporary and Hip hop industry. Toa has worked with multiple artists and companies in NZ, as well as co-creating with Connor Masseurs and touring internationally their show ‘BLUEPRINT’, which debuted in the 2018 Wellington fringe festival. Toa frequently travels to China and performs as a backup dancer for Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai and Canadian-Chinese Singer Kris Wu, Most recently dancing for Taylor swift. He is currently with the New Zealand Dance Company.