Welcome to the Tempo Shop! Here you will find all of our merchandise kākahu (clothing) available for you to purchase. Our kākahu is emblazoned with our iconic new logo created by Chelsea Strickland - an emerging graphic designer of Māori, Samoan and Chinese whakapapa. Chelsea's design references the volcanic and mountainous whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau so that our dancing, and the wearer of these garments, can always be anchored into a sense of place. Each garment within this first line has been named in acknowledgement of the dancers modelling them. A huge thank you to Leighton, Claire, Fa’asu, Emily, Presley and Adam, and to dancer-photographer Maddie Daybell for capturing these images.

Want to know the best part? 100% of profits made on all of our shop items will go directly into our ‘Special Projects’ fund. This fund will enable us to provide a more diverse portfolio of paid opportunities for dance artists to create.