Sessions Inplay

Inplay Dance Collective

Inplay Dance Collective presents Sessions Inplay. 4 livestreamed workshops that will be made available for 24hrs after the initial stream.

After a successful first season in Wellington Fringe 2020, IPDC entered lockdown in Wellington and Melbourne. To survive the boredom of lockdown, they developed a Play Practice to help bring more vibrancy to the sameness of days spent in lockdown. In each practice (approx. 1hr), participants will immerse themselves in a guided exploration involving creative play with the body and at times, other mediums.

Each play is holistic in its approach and incorporates themes of wellbeing, awakening of senses, mindfulness and connecting to the world outside you.

Workshops facilitated by: Alec Katsourakis, Lachlan Broughton, Jasmine Susic, Jareen Wee, Vee Canning, Tessa Redman, Bjorn Aslund 

Thank you to SIGNAL in Melbourne for providing IPDC with the time and the space to develop this method.

14th Nov, 21st Nov, 28th Nov, 5th Dec
From 10am on each date
1 hour per session

InPlay Dance Collective, IPDC, is a collective of like-minded individuals cultivating artistic development with an emphasis on community.

They are simultaneously based in Melbourne AUS and Wellington NZ, two cultural capitals of the southern hemisphere.

Specialising in cross genre collaboration, IPDC has worked with artists in multiple mediums, such as Opera, Theatre, Sound Design and Music Production, Film and Drag performance.

They are looking to experiment and play with practice, trying new things with every artistic endeavour and developing a strong community along the way.