Little Black Boxes

HighJinx Youth Company

Little Black Boxes is a collaborative film project created during Auckland’s two lockdowns. As the country went into Level 4 lockdown in March over 100 students from Westmere Primary School in Auckland shared their experiences of lockdown through stories and pictures. HighJinx befriended a group of residents at a retirement village in Nelson, collecting stories and experiences through weekly one of one zoom conversations. These words and stories of young and old New Zealanders were explored and shared in the creation of short films developed and filmed on phones during Auckland’s second lockdown.

‘Talking to Myself’ – Performer and choreographer Ruby Allcott. Editing and Directing Carlene Newall de Jesus. Music by Motte

‘Won’t be a Nuisance’ – Performer and choreographer Zanna Sharp. Editing and Directing Jay Clement. Music by Motte

‘Of Anything’ – Performer and choreographer Daniel Elias. Editing and Directing Jay Clement. Music by Motte

‘Thinking Time– Performer and choreographer Mary Piggin. Editing and Directing  Carlene Newall de Jesus. Music by Motte


Thank you to Motte for our music. Thanks also to Orquidea Tamayo Mortera, Janin Haasen, Crissy Ponce, Bill, Bruce, Pat, Vonda and Summerset Village Nelson, Nerida Philips and Westmere Primary School, Movement Art Practice.

20th - 23rd Nov
From 10am on 20th Nov
Venue 1
24 mins

HighJinx Youth Company is in its tenth year of making work with young performers. The company uses a unique blend of circus, dance and theatre to explore human experience through physical storytelling. The young creatives take ownership of their explorations with directors Carlene and Jay supporting the journey.