Green Witches Stare

Sara Cowdell and Kyah Dove

We are dead dragons come alive. Stare into our eyes. Bellies full of bitter ash. All the better for growing things with. Our hair represents the dark earth where our wound seeds have been buried. Stare into our eyes, the warm fiery pits of our eyes. You are invited to burn.

An embodied spell cast on karekare beach in 2018. Collated into a 3 minute video collage to be presented on Venue 1.  

Creators and Performers: Sara Cowdell and Kyah Dove

Editor: Courtney Rodgers

Sound: Cherilyn Doherty

Thanks to Frances Pavletich for the moral support and clicking record.

Thanks to Whammy backroom for forgetting to ever invoice us for using the space.

Thanks to the Warehouse for our costumes and for your generous returns policy on workmans blackpants.

Tempo has recommended this due nudity and sexual content

25th - 29th Nov
From 1pm on 25th Nov
Venue 1
3 mins

Kyah Dove is an interdisciplinary artist, stripper and witch based in Whāingaroa Raglan. Her work explores the pathways in which art, healing, nature and sexuality co exist and collide to craft powerful change on earth.

Sara Cowdell is a pākeha performance artist and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. She is the director of Performance Art Week Aotearoa and the Performance Art Curator at Play_Station gallery. As a curator, Sara's work explores and expands on traditional art boundaries and instead focuses on experiential and participatory engagement, with an overarching ethos based on experimental, site-specific and socially engaged practice. In her own work she uses spoken word, embodied storytelling, ritual, costume, movement and dance to create impactful performances. She believes that art is the epitome of self-actualised desire, and wants to capture the unsaid, the uncomfortable emotions that sit within us all.

She screams the words you keep trying to swallow because they feel so unbearably uncomfortable in your mouth.