By The Way… (Ngomong - Ngomong)

Vito Prasasta Adipurwanto

By The Way… (Ngomong - Ngomong) is a short dance film to be shared in Tempo Dance Festival’s Facebook Page and Instagram TV.

When the pandemic just started, everything was closed for good measure. I only had myself to dance with. It’s during this time that the conversations I have with myself in my head amplified. Questioning, validating, reinterpreting everything I know. Occasionally it feels like sh*t. Despite that, I know I have to keep myself up. Reminding myself that things are and will be fine. Put a smile on my face and genuinely mean it. I became my own friend.

Concept, Dancer, Post-Production: Vito Prasasta Adipurwanto
Music: “Concerto a’ 4 Violini No 2 – Telemann” and “Gigue from 3rd Cello Suite – Bach” by Jon Sayles on Classical Guitar

Thank you to Seni Tari Indonesia for initiating an online dance festival in Indonesia, and accepting me so that I can create this work.
Thank you to my family for keeping up with my dancing shenanigans at home.


24th Nov - 24th Dec
From 10am on 24th Nov

Vito Prasasta Adipurwanto is an Indonesian dancer and 3D animator. Dance accidentally entered his life when he was 18 during his animation study and since then, has taken classes and workshops in his spare time in the last five years. During his time in Auckland, he has had the privilege to be part of the Movement Chorus in Orpheus - A Dance Opera, a company member with AUĒ Dance Company, and a performer in New Dance Group with ChoreoCo by Footnote.