By the citrus tree

Jareen Wee

Reflective. Fantastical. Intimate.

By the citrus tree is a whimsical collection of poems inspired by nature, love, the body, travels and time in isolation.

Jareen’s words continue to influence and be influenced by her experience with movement and creative process.  Join her journey in discovering a new artistic expression, one that has recently been deeply fulfilling and therapeutic.

She invites you to either read or listen to her work.

Creator / Writer: Jareen Wee

Photo credit and technical assistance: Jacob Edmonds

Special thanks to Gabriella Mersi, Jasmine Susic, Lachlan Broughton, Alec Katsourakis, Eliza Sanders, Brenna Wee and Alex Serrenti for listening to my words and remaining present with me throughout Victoria’s prolonged lockdown.  


24th - 27th Nov
From 10am on 24th November
Venue 2

Jareen Wee is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer and graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance working in both Australia and Aotearoa. Her work is grounded in honesty and aims to embrace lived experience, often touching on what it means to be human and to welcome the natural rhythms of life.  Jareen’s interests lie in collaborating with musicians, visual artists, philosophers and other creators, dissolving the boundaries between disciplines, genres and styles to form meaningful connections and multi-sensorial experiences. 

“I believe that every person has the potential in them to find expression and connection to ourselves, to others and to nature through movement and art.”