Sarah Elsworth

A first time screening of an experimental dance film Bones of Heart, accompanied by a workshop Mapping the Heart.

Bones of Heart. Began as a simple weekly dance meet up, during and after the Covid 19 lockdown period. A diverse collective of female contemporary dance and multidisciplinary performance artists, hailing from India, Holland, Britain, Haiti and New Zealand, formed an ongoing creative practice. Our studio time served many purposes, part therapy and choreographic research as well as escapism from the uncertainty & stress the pandemic induced in our life. Together, we found solace and a strong sense of empathy and ease with one another. We never set out to create a film, more the collection of our skills and circumstances guided us to this medium.

Bones of Heart is an experimental dance film. It is a deep dive into the heart organ, explored through all five body senses. A questioning of our personal and universal perceptions of heart. An organ with a complex landscape, a chamber of memories beating 60-100 beats per minute. What would it say if it could speak?

Mapping the Heart Is an interactive workshop you can do in the comfort of your own home or with a group of friends. It is an insight and sharing into the tasks and choreographic process we went through together to create this film. Sarah will guide you through a mini-creation process, incorporating meditation, drawing, dance and writing. Designed for all bodies and anyone interested in connecting with their creativity. You will need a minimum of two hours set aside to partake.

Performed and created together during lockdown at Jungle Dance, Arambol, Goa, India.


Concept by  Sarah Elsworth, created in very close collaboration with…

Dance Artists: Dominique Baker, Navala (Niku) Chaudhari, Papia Chakraborty, Anya Fouche, Deepanwita Roy, Karolina Kisiel, Lucie Walta

Filmed by: Purnendra Meshram

Film edit: Sarah Elsworth

Sound design and creation: Sarah Elsworth, Caleb Wright.

Special thanks to Jungle Dance & its custodians Lucie Walta & Niku Chaudhari, who built a new monsoon proof studio in one month, becoming our incredible artistic dance/home in Goa India. To the generous, supportive, talented women I've had the privilege to dance and create this work with. To Puru, for his patience in capturing our work on film.

Tempo has recommended this due to partial nudity and adult themes

27th - 29th Nov
From 10am on 27th Nov

Sarah Elsworth is a dance artist and teacher from Ōtautahi. She has been a key collaborator in the creation of multiple works, performing and touring nationally since graduating from Unitec in 2012.

Notable performance credits include The Dark Light with Footnote New Zealand Dance 2017, HIVE, a multidisciplinary immersive work by Julia Harvie and Stuart Llyod-Harris 2019 and My Kin Blue, a solo dance work at Otautahi tiny performance festival 2019. She was the recipient of the Eileen May Norris Scholarship in 2015.

Based in Melbourne for the past four years, Sarah choreographed and performed Upstream, for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016 and has forged a dedicated teaching practice in dance and Pilates.

Sarah is motivated by the desire to facilitate open empowering spaces for creativity to thrive. To share and connect with communities through performance and teaching. Sarah happened to be partaking in the Goa Dance Residency, India in March, and has remained here since in an extended period of artistic research.