A Live Encounter with my Archive

Emma Lorien Murray

A Live Encounter with my Archive is a live streamed performance which makes use of an online annotation tool to rewrite or write over an existing rehearsal archive.

A Live Encounter with my Archive performs a live co-operation between archival sources and the present.

 By staying within a frame of rehearsal; A LiveEncounter with myArchive wavers between documentation and invention, between conservation and transformation, between a fiction and an artifact; attempting to make something else from something already there.

 A Live Encounter with my Archive questions the porosity of the screen, which in turn triggers a dim awareness of some kind of actual space or physicality behind the screen - a place or body you can’t see but you know is there.

A Live Encounter with my Archive creates a hybrid of contrasting temporalities, modalities and materials; using voice, found and created text, live and recorded rehearsal footage; blurring a boundary between what is live and what is recorded, what is now and what is then – what is real and what is not. What emerges borders on the imaginary and the impossible; an invitation to take part in an act of creating, remembering, activating and embodying a performance archive.

Developed in collaboration with the critical theorist and researcher: Giulia Palladini - https://pure.roehampton.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/giulia-palladini

Visual Artist: Latefa Wiersch - https://www.latefawiersch.com/

Thanks to Giulia Palladini, Latefa Wiersch, Nicole Pfister, Sadie Plant, Till Hillbrecht, Jonas Albrecht and Dampfzentrale Bern.

Photo by Martin Wiesli


Tempo has recommended this due to nudity



20th Nov
From 8pm on 20th Nov
Free Community Event
30 mins

New Zealand born, Emma Lorien Murray works in the field of performance and choreography, producing adept and sometimes absurd physical translations for the contradictions and complexities of being alive.

Since 2008 she has established herself as a Swiss based choreographer and performer, producing her own work while continuing to teach, act and assist in choreographic and theater projects throughout Switzerland.

From 2013-2015 Murray was Pro Helvetia Young Associated Artist and Artist in Residence at the Dampfzentrale Bern, where her work continues to be regularly co-produced.

Since 2013, and in recognition of her emerging presence in both national and international settings, she has been the recipient of support from the City of Bern and Pro Helvetia Switzerland.

Typically, her solo or group projects exploit a post creative approach to text or language in order to contextualize movement in performance. She collaborates with artists across artistic disciplines and cultural divides, while maintaining a teaching practice that informs as well as archives her interest in creative process and co-operation. During the exchange-based research project, Working Sessions in 2014 she facilitated the collaboration and curation of several Swiss based artists working across disciplines of performance, choreography, writing and music.

Murray draws on her long and varied background in dance to mix up language and movement, creating environments in which to experience the physicality of the audience. Here a live co-operation is performed. 


Headshot by Nicole Pfister.


Website: https://www.emmamurray.ch/

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/383248730