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Rosa Strati

A party game for ages 7 and up.


Each participant will sit alone in their houses. We will create a story by alternating between writing and dancing. Don't worry about your artistic ability, you won't be graded on it.

1) Write down a phrase.

2) The next person will interpret that phrase into movement.

3) Repeat these steps until we get through a selection of friends and family I thought might text me back.

4) Gather all the contents and see if we can tell some sort of story. Most importantly, have fun.


A short film created by Rosa Strati and collaborators Diane Provost, Rudolf Boelee, Shani Dickins, Sofia McIntyre, Rose Philpott, David Toomey, Molly Green, Jessie McCall, Presley Ziogas, Nathan Joe and Alby Yap.


Editor: Isaac Strati

Composer: Connor Strati and Paloma Schneideman

22 May to 26 May
begins at 1pm on 22 May
Venue 1
5 minutes

Rosa is a Tāmaki Makaurau-based freelance contemporary dance artist. Since graduating from Unitec with BA in performing and Screen Arts in 2001 she has been performing, creating and exploring movement through a multitude of mediums and performance platforms. As well as being a passionate freelance artist, Rosa works with the community through producing and arts administration roles, working with Independance, Wellesley Studios and many independent projects.