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Janaína Moraes

covidi (conviviality validated in designed interactions) is an art residency in response to covid-19. since everyone was ‘asked’ to be home, i try to find myself at home in the house i am dwelling in. while everyone needs to be sheltered and recluse in a bubble, at my house i found bubbles within the bubble: invisible borders that build up bridges of behaviour. this art residency sheltered the birth of two artworks which are being now presented to Tempo Dance Festival:

| fortune furniture | is a series of 10’ dance videos. intimate portraits. short pieces of the bridges i’m, at times, building up or breaking down. are bridges a uniting device or marks of the separation? fragments of image, sound, language translation and movement pull together micro-worlds of an invented reality. 

| on[e]line story | is a participatory video-performance that invites people across the world to engage in the act of embodied writing. a choreography of handwriting. an attempt to follow invisible bridges - touch, language translation, dance, text. finding togetherness through a common act: writing an online one-line story. 



| fortune furniture |
Choreography, text and video performance: Janaína Moraes
Collaboration (English text's reviewing): Joanna Cook 

| on[e]line story |
Choreography: Janaína Moraes
Collaboration: Gabriel Guirá, Igor Passos, Ingrid Beatriz, Lisa Samuels, Urubatan Miranda, Val Rovatti (video performances); Mark Harvey (English text’s reviewing)


Thank you to:

Alys Longley, Igor Passos, Ingrid Beatriz, Joanna Cook, Mark Harvey & Rafael Oliveira

7 to 10 May | fortune furniture | 22 to 24 May | on[e]line story |
all day
all day

Janaína Moraes is a dance, research & performance artist. Her work focus on choreographic invitations and open-based practices. Dedicated to art residencies, researches the transdisciplinarities and relational aesthetics. Founder of Abrindo a Sala (opening the room) with which gathers (non) artists and creatives to engaging performances, happenings and artistic occasions.