Miriam Eskildsen and Veronica Lyu in collaboration with Oli Mathiesen

Ladybug is a short dance film imagined and created in moments stolen in and around our third year of dance study. A small strange labor of love.


-I dream

-the same dream

-Every night

-and when I wake

-There is



-the sound

-of the color





This is a short dance film that will be shared on the Tempo Dance Festival website.



Miriam Eskildsen- choreographer, director

Veronica Chengen Lyu- choreographer, director, composer (Part One- Scarlet Manifold)

Oli Mathiesen- videographer, editor

Alison Reynolds- costume designer

Jacob Reynolds- production assistant

Fa'asu Afoa Purcell- Makeup and hair artist, production assistant

Audio Stock/ Tama Music- composer (Part Two- Honing In)

Andrew Cesan/ 'Lapse'- composer (Part Three- The Final Stretch)


Thank you to Alison for the beautiful suits, Si-Qi Dion Xiong and Zhaobin Peng for your generosity, Brittany and Sharon Kohler for kindly helping us find a filming venue, and everyone who helped us to get this little project of ours made, in ways big and small- we appreciate it all immensely.

19 Jun – 23 Jun
begins at 1pm on 19 Jun
Venue 1
4 minutes

Miriam Eskildsen and Veronica Chengen Lyu are recent graduates of the Unitec PASA program, majoring in contemporary dance. This is their first creative collaboration as graduates. Oli Mathiesen is currently in his third year of study at Unitec, and a talented videographer and editor.