Dark Points


Created in collaboration with production company HiBall, Dark Points captures ten dancers and a Melbourne basement on 16mm film.
Through a crumbling,
choreographic and sonic landscape this film explores the fragmentary nature of perception and our body's imprint on a disintegrating environment.

Dark Points (the film) is an adaptation of the sixty-minute live production performed in a Melbourne basement last September.

A HiBall vs Die Angle Production
Choreographers - Thalia Livingstone, Alexandra Dobson
Composers - Mitchell MacKintosh, Thomas Schmocker
Producer (Live Performance Season) - Thomas Backhaus
Set Design - Daniel Kotsimbos
Costume Design - Aislinn Naughton
Director of Photography - Joey Knoxey
Dancers: Madeleine Bowman , Phaedra Brown, Alexandra Dobson, Luke Fryer, Emily Laursen, Summer Penney, Nikki Tarling, Ruby Tuesday, Jaslyn Setiadji and Eloise Wright.

Special Thanks:
Mycelium Studios
Australian Cultural Fund
Melbourne University Theatre Board
Creative Arts University Of Melbourne
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Kodak Australia
John ‘Scooter’ Byrne
Xanthe Beesley
Omer Haber

Hero Image:
Celeste De Clario - Dark Points Opening

10 Jun to 14 Jun
begins at 1pm on 10 Jun
Venue 1
5 minutes

DIE ANGLE work with artists across disciplines to create experimental live performance and film. Their art drips with dark undertones, engaging the fragmentary nature of perception and its complicity in dialogues between disintegrating sonic, visual and kinetic spaces. DIE ANGLE’s collective background includes choreography, film composition, installation, architecture and design. Together they navigate lightless spaces, engaging multiple communities with their cross-discipline work. DIE ANGLE create riveting, disruptive collaborative outcomes.


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