Afro with Antonio Dance session

Antonio Bukhar

Afro with Antonio is an all-level dance class that will boost your mental and physical well-being. Afro-fusion is a popular dance style danced to afro-beats music. Antonio mixes traditional African steps with other genres, such as Hip Hop and Dancehall to make it fun and appealing to the current pop culture.


Class filmed by Kimcam films.

Thanks to Kimcam films for the capturing and editing the class.

Thanks to Tempo for the platform.

22 Jul to 24 Jul
begins at 10am on 22 Jul
40 minutes

Antonio is an award-winning dancer from Uganda. He runs popular afro-fusion classes in NZ under the brand “Afro with Antonio”. He blends styles, namely Hip-hop, African and dancehall. He is the Pina Bausch Fellowship (2017) at The University of Auckland and the Caroline Plummer Fellowship (2019) at the University of Otago.