The Wellbeing Initiative

Jacob Reynolds and Elani Austin-Tennant

The Wellbeing Initiative is a short series of interviews aiming to foster a dialogue around how different artists cultivate their creative freelance practice while maintaining a healthy mental state and financial stability. We also hope to discuss how dancers can support one another both within our sector as well as the broader industry in a more holistic fashion.

These interviews consist of videos shared on Tempo’s Instagram and Facebook, as well as a text piece on the Tempo Dance Festival website, in Venue 2.

Thank you sincerely to the whole team at Tempo Dance Festival, Miriam Eskildsen, Daniel O’Rourke, and all of the wonderful people who agreed to be interviewed. This project couldn’t have happened without all of your support.


Creators: Jacob Reynolds, Elani Lanella Austin-Tennant. 

Editing: Jacob Reynolds, Elani Lanella Austin-Tennant, Miriam Eskildsen

Interviewees: Josie Archer, Kosta Bogoievski, Xavier Breed, Alistair Greenwood, Joanne Hobern, Malia Johnston, Charles Koroneho, Nisha Madhan, Jocelyn McGregor, Claire O’Neil, Alexa Wilson, Bella Wilson

Company Photo Photography: Miriam Eskildsen

Painting: ‘Routeburn Track’ by Amanda Watson

Music: Daniel O’Rourke 



Tempo has recommended this due to coarse language.

22nd – 26th September
From 10am on 22nd September
Venue 2

Elani Austin-Tennant is an Auckland based contemporary dancer and musician. She studied a range of dance styles from ages 4 to 18 in Hamilton, before moving to Auckland to train full time at Unitec. Her lifelong love for visual art, film and, most of all, music and music composition, have fed her idiosyncratic and multifaceted practice, and allow her to look at her often unusual choreography through many different lenses.

Jacob Reynolds is an Auckland based movement artist. Having recently graduated from Unitec's dance program he is excited to begin his journey in the creative arts sector. Jacob loves exploring the complex structures both conscious and unconscious that emerge out of human relationships.