Mindsky: An Offering

Holly Finch

An offering of unity in the human condition.
How we experience our minds ‘sky’ ... how clouds accumulate... and overflow.

In the flood , we loosen our grip on the things we carry.
In the clearing, pain gives way to perspective.

This is a 3 part series of short videos shared via instagram.

Thanks to the cast for their time and artistry.
Thanks to the Tempo team for responding with a platform for dance artists in these uncertain times.

Cast: Kayla Paige, Celia Hext, Holly Finch


18th September
From 9am on 18th September

Holly graduated from Ettingshausens Pro (Sydney) in 2014. 

Here she was awarded a scholarship to Broadway Dance Centre in New York , where she studied for 3 months in the ISVP program.

In 2017 Holly danced in ‘Jillian Myers’ development and show ‘Questions and Answers’ , in Tokyo Japan.

Other recent credits include working with One Dance Collective (Sydney), Dance Plant Collective (NZ) and extensively with Momentum Productions (NZ).

In 2019 she choreographed and danced an immersive pop up performance for Tempo Dance Festival. 

At the beginning of 2020 Holly was choreographer and dancer for DANZ ’Taking Dance to the People’ series.

Holly enjoys any opportunity to learn and to expand the techniques she draws from.

She is passionate about choreography and storytelling, and above all, the powerful perspective art can bring people.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/hollyfinch__/