Magnificent Remains

Brittany Kohler in collaboration with Dance Plant Collective and Ben O'Connor


Magnificent Remains is a short collaborative dance film by Dance Plant Collective, Ben O'Connor and friends. It is inspired by the tasks and philosophies of Surrealist pioneers and artists, and our creative discoveries via Zoom during lockdown. Dance Plant will waltz with surrealism, taking it through the body and onto the screen. 
Tip-toeing sheets of lycra, five metre long arms, and bodies that never end. 
There is a mystery to be solved, involving disconnected conversations and red wine. 
A single stool holds a toaster wearing a long-sleeved sweater. 
Close your eyes. Dream. 
Dancing to backward sounds for a month apart, unexpected. 
Huge thank you's to Basement Theatre for providing your beautiful venue and to Paul Bennett for assisting and being present always. 


Choreographic direction: Brittany Kohler

Videographer and editor: Ben O’Connor

Dance Plant Collective Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Choreographic collaborators and performers: Adam Naughton, Amber Liberté, Bella Wilson, Fa’asu Afoa-Purcell, Jaz Yahel, Miriam Eskildsen, Natasha Kohler and Neža Jamnikar


28th – 31st October
From 1pm on 28th October
Venue 1
5 mins
Brittany Kohler is a dance artist from Tāmaki Makaurau who works predominantly with contemporary dance group Dance Plant Collective. 
Brittany holds a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts from Unitec Institute of Technology, and is currently interested in digital dance, improvisation practices, and surreal imagery.
Dance Plant Collective values creating collaborative and transformative dance work. The roots of our practice are planted in a desire to nurture community, uphold the interconnectedness of all things, and honour the body as a locus of understanding. We embrace both absurdity and authenticity in our work to produce startling new material staged in equally surprising spaces.