Jonathan Homsey

This is a short film - a battle of two Karens fighting over resources.

Caca-capitalismo is a comical meditation on our internal monologues, directly inspired by the fight for resources driven by capitalism and hoarding. Inspired by real life Karen stories during COVID-19, this accessible fotonovela takes the absurdity of ignorance and cranks the volume up.  

Jonathan Homsey is giving all artist donations to Audio Described Aotearoa, thanks to Tempo Dance Festival. Please click the donation button to donate today to support people in Aotearoa with low vision. 

This project was commissioned by West Projections Festival and was funded by Australia Council of the Arts and City of Maribrynong. Venue provided by Cheaper Buy Miles. 

Jonathan Homsey – Choreographer & Artistic Director

Monica Guitti – Director

Max Hopkins – Cinematographer & Editor

Will McRostie - Audio Description

Oscar Jimenez - Composer and voice over 

Sarah Ward – Outside Eye

Dominque Cowden- Dancer

Kathleen Campone – Dancer

Lauren Drago – Dancer

Rose Chong Costume Shop – Costumes

Eevie La Volpe – Make Up Artist


Tempo has recommended this due to the mention of violence

16th – 19th September
From 1pm on 16th September
Venue 1
5 mins

Jonathan Homsey is an arts maker and manager interested in the intersection of street dance, visual art, and social engagement. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States of America, he immigrated to Australia in 2010 where his award-winning choreographic practice has evolved from a theatrical context to interdisciplinary installations across Australasia and Japan. 

 Headshot by Shannon May Powell