Grace Bentley-Tsibuah

Ama. The power of moment as healing. The acknowledgement that so many forms of dance were born out of Africa. So we returned once again to our roots to restore our being. Asase Yaa the Ghanaian Akan peoples god of earth and fertility is just one of the many deities to join our journey of how we plant ourselves back into the world.

This is a live streamed healing visual and kinetic work focusing on the celebration of the Black communities in Aotearoa. The live stream will be held on the Tempo Facebook Event page on the 4th of September at 1pm.

There will then be a mixed media, edited archive of the live-streamed work for you to revisit on our website from the 23rd-26th September.


Grace Bentley-Tsibuah she/her: Creator and performer

Janina Nana Yaa they/them: Creator and performer

Ella August she/her: Musician, designer and performer 

Nicole Brannen she/her: Photographer


Tempo has recommended this due to partial nudity in part two of the work.

23rd-26th September
From 1pm on the 23rd September
Venue 1
8 mins

Grace Bentley-Tsibuah is a Ghanaian/Pakeha artist who graduated from the acclaimed Toi Whakaari, New Zealand School of Drama in 2016. Grace's performance style is bold, quirky and physical, drawing heavily on her background in dance and connection to her heritage. Using that to fuel her writing and persona and professional works 2020 saw her kick off the year at the Pop-up Globe performing the Oliver nominated show Emilia. In 2019 she put up her solo show Woman of Citrus at The Basement Theatre and then had back to back acting roles for the rest of 2019. Based heavily in theatre and dance Grace has worked with the likes of Benjamin Henson in 2019, Malia Johnston in “Rushes” in 2018, Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood on the 2018 Capital E National tour of “Odd One Out”  and also traveled with the company 'Discotheque' to Melbourne to perform the piece 'Fiercely Cool Animal Shapes' choreographed by Holly Newsome. 

Janina Nana Yaa is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist based in Aotearoa. Their creations interweave deep ritualistic connection to their Ghanaian ancestry, fluid vocals and channeled movement, manifesting itself in performance art, spoken word and music. Janina has curated the performance piece titled ‘Nipadua - The Human Tree’ in collaboration with local Black, Indigenous and Pasifika artists in January 2020. Featuring in Noa Records recent vinyl release ‘Keep Your Distance!’, and facilitating community healing events and workshops for Queer BIPOC community throughout 2018-2020 in Naarm (Melbourne) and Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). Janina aims to cultivate spells and space that harvest a deeper relationship to ourselves as Ancestor and Land; demonstrating the embrace between all things and the healing that can take place if we allow it. 





Grace Bentley-Tsibuah                     Janina Nana Yaa