From world champion hip hop crews to stellar international dance careers, BoyzDance2 was the beginning of it all for countless young boys who just wanted to dance. Twenty years on from its founding, the BoyzDance2 network are celebrating the global successes of its founding members and the ongoing community of support for boys making their mark on the world through dance. METAMORPHOSIS brings to the stage four electric new creations alongside an energising and humorous retrospective of BoyzDance2’s most significant works over the past 20 years with an exhilarating cast of 30 boys aged 7-18 years old performing  movement percussion, hip hop, contemporary, and haka fusion.

Under the creative direction of Richie Cesan (NZSD, ATC), 6 professional choreographers and former BoyzDance members - Andrew Cesan (Momentum Productions, CUDO), Joshua Cesan (Director and Principal Choreographer of IDCO, NEXT), Simon Watts (STOMP), Gareth Okan (NZDC), and Taniora Motutere (IDCO, Okareka, Atamira, Footnote) – contribute to METAMORPHOSIS, a celebration of how the power of dance can transform boys into men.



“a wondrous thing to see… these boyz-to-men furthermore have both the courage and intention to put themselves out there on stage with just the raw exuberance of their energy… and their very good training”

Theatreview, 2010


“naturally crowd favourites”

Theatreview, 2013



Director – Richie Cesan (ATC, NZSD)

Creative Team – Andrew Cesan (CUDO, Momentum Productions), Joshua Cesan (IDCO, NEXT), Simon Watts (STOMP), Gareth Okan (New Zealand Dance Company), Taniora Motutere (IDCO, Okareka, Atamira)



Oct 7 2018
Q Theatre | Rangatira
60 mins