Co-created by Forest Vicky Kapo & Paea Leach

Karanga is a duet: resilient, dark, receiving. It is a performance experiment and a bodily encounter with fragments, energies and grief. Two women, Māori, Australian, not Māori enough; experiment with the subtleties of spatialising their kōrero. In a space that is not a marae yet considers energy and gravitational fields of thinking in a non-Western way, they ask: how can they call out, what do they want to call out for and how is the call pulled through the body?

What is it like to embody the concept of karanga in a contemporary performance model?

How does it feel and how might it be shared?

What does it sound like?

How does it move?

Karanga is a rich, nuanced and deeply embodied work, felt and presented forward in the space between two women: experienced performers and thinker-feelers. Together, Forest Vicky Kapo and Paea Leach, give permission for embodied difficulties and complex questions to be present and to propel the work. They are interested in the response.  

Karanga is an entirely non-solipsistic rendering; a contemporary analysis that presents forward the cosmology and protocol of Matauranga wahine and Mana Wahine within modern Australia.


They are a partnership engaged in building pathways to re-dress embodied histories in the context of post-colonial discourse; working to acknowledge, through the body, the ongoing pervasions felt as indigenous women situated in a predominantly patriarchal world.

They do this together to make work that situates between them and between worlds: Australia and Aotearoa as the large rubric. More intimately between settler and indigenous peoples, women and indigenous women, the seen and the unseen, the white and the black, the academic and the embodied.

In their collective-between nothing is white nor black. The dialogue is progressive, generous, forward thinking and radically honest.

Post-show discussion // There will be a post-show discussion following the Thursday 10 October performance facilitated by Cat Ruka.

Photo by Pippa Samaya




Tuesday 8 – Friday 11 Oct
Basement Theatre - Studio
60 mins