Carangi Kiki Ball


The first ballroom Vogue function to ever strut foot into Basement Theatre! Catwalk your way into an evening of vogue, drama, runway, pussy and legends on the floor. Join the circle of vogue or channel your best OWWWWWW into your favourite fem performers graceful dips. Half.queen will be spinning the beat with FANG mc'ing.

Stay tuned for announcements about judges, categories and ball theme.

Can’t get enough of COVEN? Catch COVEN's wickedest cat swipes and dramatic dips, where you will learn to give and take the vogue ha and create conversation with your voguecabulary like you've seen on the ballroom floor. Elements will be briefly touched upon but this class is for the kids that came to slay!

 Visit Vogue Workshop with COVEN for more details.

Photo by Ralph “Rev” Brown


Friday 11 October
Basement Theatre
180 mins