Utopia #9

Kit Reilly

Black mirror meets virtuosity in Utopia #9- a sterile dystopia, where technology has surpassed human intelligence and become our governing figure. Society has fallen victim to this artificial entity but resistance emerges in the search for humanity. Utopia #9 materialises our human relationship with technology for better or worse- exploring our fascination with the superficial constructs of technology, and the threat posed to our society greater than anything else before.

Utopia #9 is the first full length work created by Kit Reilly (New Zealand School of Dance), in collaboration with international artists from Australia and Canada, and with mentoring from Malia Johnston (Movement of the Human).

Kit Reilly: Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer/ Composer/ Graphic Designer
Chelsea DesLauriers: Dancer/ Movement Creator
Madeleine High: Dancer/ Movement Creator
Oliver Carruthers: Movement Creator
Jess Johns: Model and Assistant
Jodi Walker: Costume Designer and Graphic Designer
Eli Cantwell: Videographer
Paul Bennett: Lighting Designer
Cohen Stephens: Production Advisor
Justin Beaver: Sound Technician
Katrina Todd: Wellesley Studios Director


Photo by Ralph Brown

Friday 4 Oct & Saturday 5 Oct
Friday - 6:30pm, Saturday - 8:30pm
Q Theatre
50 mins

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