Samara Reweti, Paul Edward Wilson, Matthew Moore, Kisha September, Emma Cosgrave and Abi Jones

BLOOM is a shared programme for choreographers at any stage of their career whose work is in a blossoming, shifting or changing state. Designed in response to the dance industry’s current questioning of terms used to describe artists such as ‘emerging’, ‘mid-career’ or ‘established’, this programme aims to open space for anyone taking a giant leap or new direction in their practice.

Breakthrough street dancer Samara Reweti draws inspiration from the dual beauty and agony of the female experience in her solo work Limerence; Paul Edward Wilson unpicks default movement habits to reveal emotive density in Untitled #1; Matthew Moore presents Catalyst, a duet that maps the methods of movement collected in his body over years of dancing professionally; Kisha September explores the relationship between human and non-human materials in Fibre Bodies; and Emma Cosgrave and Abi Jones present Hummingbird(s), a reflection on the global concerns inherited by young women.

Choreography: Matthew Moore
Dancers: Pamela Sidhu and Matthew Moore

Untitled #1
Creator: Paul Edward Wilson
Cast: Paul Edward Wilson, Kayla Paige
Visual Collaborator: Yvonne Lea
Garment Designer/Fabricator: Catherine Boddy

Fibre Bodies
Choreography: Kisha September
Performers: Emma Broad, Emma Cosgrave, Renee Richards, Taitanyk Toniu, Evie Logan

Choreography: Emma Cosgrave & Abi Jones
Performers: Emma Cosgrave, Abi Jones, Joanna Cook, Sophie Greig & Evie Logan



Thursday 3 Oct & Friday 4 Oct
Thursday, 7:30pm & Friday, 8:30pm
Q Theatre
60 mins

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