Snap Dance

Mariya Kupriyenko

Snap Dance is a series of 10 curated dance works by performed exclusively on Snapchat for the duration of Tempo with a different choreographer taking over the channel on each festival day.

Participating artists include Kelly Ferris Lester (US), Veronica Butturini (NZ), Kosta Bogoievski (DE), Tess Munro Pedreros (UK) and The Friday Company (NZ).

Punchy and stimulating, Snap Dance manipulates how, where and when live performance is viewed and created by putting it on a social media channel where the only limitation is time.

Expect to be surprised by an eclectic mix of themes, styles and intentions.

Join Tempo's snapdancenz channel on Snapchat to be a part of this experience.  Be in quick - all work disappears after 24 hours.

Oct 4-15 2017

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