Sarah Foster-Sproull and Foster Group

Orchids flourish in empty spaces. They cling to dust and search for unexplored territories. 

A striking new choreography featuring seven distinct performers (including former Limbs dancer Marianne Schultz), ORCHIDS is born from a fascination with the mythology that surrounds the orchid flower.

Rich with compelling imagery and underpinned by Eden Mulholland’s evocative score, ORCHIDS contemplates the conflict and catharsis of females at different stages of their lives – especially the significance of intergenerational relationships – seeking to unveil them in beautiful and mysterious ways. 

Through the creation of ORCHIDS, choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull connects some of New Zealand’s most intriguing artists and designers. Together, they reveal an entrancing metaphysical realm that conjures characters of the occult and uncovers the complex female spirit: Women as mothers, witches, sirens and lovers; beasts, deities and otherworldly creatures bearing an inherent link to the divine.

ORCHIDS divulges the secrets of feminine magic, exclusive languages, intuitions and lost ritualistic practices, bringing them out of the concealment of darkness and metamorphosing to serve the ‘light’.


“... richly resonant … potent images … ORCHIDS is mysterious, mythic, moving, majestic … quite extraordinary.” – Raewyn Whyte



Choreographer: Sarah Foster-Sproull

Composer: Eden Mulholland

Set Design: Andrew Foster

Dramaturgy: Andrew Foster

Costume Design: Elizabeth Whiting

Lighting Design: Jennifer Lal

Creative Producer & Assistant Director: Natalie Maria Clark

Assistant Producers: DyCypher Productions


Dancers and choreographic collaborators:

Marianne Schultz

Katie Burton

Rose Philpott

Jahra Rager Wasasala

Joanne Hobern

Tori Manley-Tapu

Ivy Foster


Additional choreographic input and collaboration: Grace Woollett


Oct 12-13 2017
Q Theatre | Rangatira
70 mins

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