Well hello 2018 Tempo programme!

26 July 2018

Well hello 2018 Tempo programme! We're so happy to see you out and about finally! We've kept you tucked away in our tiny office for so long. Sorry about that. But it was worth the wait, wasn't it? Now you're the talk of the town and everybody wants to know what you're up to. You can show them all your slick moves and name drop all over the show - Atamira Dance Company, Douglas Wright, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, Barbarian Productions, Le Moana... Now you're just showing off, but who can blame you! And if all your swag performances weren't enough, you're sporting some sweet as workshops and community events too. Damn, girl! You're living the dream.

Yes, we've finally unleashed the beast that is the 2018 Tempo Dance Festival programme. We had a fab time at The Lula Inn last night - thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the launch. We've got so many great shows and events on this year I can't even begin to pick my favourites, but I will say I am stoked about laughing out loud at Soft n Hard (Barbarian Productions) and getting in touch with my fire sign persona at Deep Soulful Sweats.

Have a wander around the website and choose your favs too. We'll see you there in October!

Love, Carrie Rae (Aries)


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