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27 September 2017

Since I completely blew out my [self-imposed] 250 word limit with the last blog post about Limbs, I’ve decided to ditch them all together and just be verbose.

I’ve had a lot of conversations about whY Chromozone this year.  Most of them have revolved around the slight alteration to the title of the show (from Y Chromozone previously).  But even prior to that I get “Um, you do know that’s not how you spell chromosome, right?”

Yes, yes I know.  (As a former regional spelling bee champ, it has never quite sat right with me either, to be honest.)  But it’s a play on words and we all love those.  The title was inherited from when the show first premiered in 2010 while Tempo was still based at TAPAC.  Y Chromozone was originally conceived by then Artistic Director Mary Jane O’Reilly to be a showcase of male dancers – a novelty, of sorts, whose point of difference was that in an art form traditionally dominated by females, here was a show with only men in it (that wasn’t a strip show).

Another thing people often say to me in regard to this show is “Why don’t you have an X Chromozone?”  It could be argued that the majority of the work in Tempo is by females so it’s inherent in the programming.  Or that Sarah Foster Sproull’s ORCHIDS in the second week of the festival is just that show.  

So why the whY?  I wanted to ask WHY this year.  Why do we have a show like this in the festival?  Why does that Y chromosome matter?  Or does it?  

Carrie Rae

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