Tempo 2017 - let's get dancing!

17 September 2017

Hold on to your pointe shoes 'cause Week 1 of Tempo is gonna knock your socks off!  Louise Potiki Bryant opens the festival with Ngaro that shines a beautiful light on anxiety and mental health issues.  A colourful and rewarding new work by one of New Zealand's most celebrated Maori artists.

Take a walk through the hidden corners of Q Theatre with Carol Brown's Lost+Found [dances of exile] featuring the New Zealand Dance Company.  South Auckland vogue performance collective COVEN heat up the Vault with Inferno, Java Dance Theatre bring the critically-acclaimed Wine Project to Auckland for the first time and get ready for a sassy trip through gender identity with the return of whY Chromozone.

Not a bad start to the week - and it's only Week 1...

Carrie Rae

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