Creative portfolio

The Dust Palace

Established by Eve Gordon and Mike Edward in 2009, The Dust Palace is Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading circus theatre company. The Dust Palace creates tour-able circus theatre, taking their stories around the world; and fostering circus and physical performance and practitioners in Auckland and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Dust Palace presents fun, exhilarating, circus theatre that is intimate, visually stunning and brave in its frankness about human nature. The company’s choreographic interests also include a sophisticated, genre-bending blend of circus and physical theatre with an integrated narrative-based focus.


Website: https://www.thedustpalace.co.nz/
Facebook: @TheDustPalace
Instagram: @thedustpalace



An inter-disciplinary collaboration between The Dust Palace and the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra to present an enchanting fairy tale through magical circus theatre with evocative orchestral music.


The Goblin Market

Spring-boarding from Christina Rossetti’s iconic poem ‘Goblin Market’, the show is a contemporary circus retelling following two sisters, their temptation, sacrifice and eventual salvation. Delicious circus is precariously balanced with gritty performances and candid storytelling.



An international cirque sci-fi musical cabaret inspired from the epic tale that is Homer’s Odyssey.


Top of the Heap

A thrilling family show confined entirely to the heaped stack of furniture which makes up the set. Four performers hand balance, clown and contort, telling stories with their bodies on this sailing ship of a set.