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Street Candee

Street Candee Dance Company is an unapologetically sassy all female (and fem) dance company directed by international dancer & choreographer Rina Chae. The company specializes in the blending of heels with street styles of hip hop, waacking & vogueing, also showcasing original Kpop (Korean Pop) acts, which Rina Chae also choreographs. 

Street Candee Dance Company has worked internationally and nationally, on TV, festivals and live Stage on projects including X Factor and Splore Music Festival. They have also worked with Kpop artists Cosmic Girls, BoA, SF9, and Monsta X. Street Candee Dance Company is recognised as the top Kpop girlband across Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, performing their original Kpop acts at various events & festivals. 


Website: http://rinachae.co.nz/
Facebook: @StreetCandee



07/10/2017 - 08/10/2017

A fiercely dramatic waacking solo performed by Earl De Castro as a part of Tempo Dance Festival 2017’s shared programme whY Chromozone.