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Foster Group

Foster Group are an Auckland based contemporary dance collective facilitated by Aotearoa New Zealand choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull and Creative Producer Natalie Maria Clark creating provocative, engaging and visually compelling contemporary dance work.

In 2017 Sarah Foster-Sproull was awarded the Creative New Zealand Choreographic Fellowship, Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest choreographic award to collaborate with international dance companies. Foster Group’s collaborators include Andrew Foster (dramaturg/set design), Eden Mulholland (composer) and Jennifer Lal (lighting design) alongside performers Marianne Schultz, Rose Phillpott, Jahra Rager Wasasala, Tori Manley, Joanne Hobern, Katie Burton, and Grace Woollett. 


Website: https://www.sarahfostersproull.com/
Facebook: @FosterGroupNZ
Instagram: @fostergroupdanceart



12/10/2017 - 13/10/2017

Premiered at Tempo Dance Festival 2017, ORCHIDS contemplates the conflict and catharsis of females at different stages of their lives in a full length multi-generational contemporary dance work.

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Super Ornate Construct

A deconstruction and reconstruction of man danced by 5 performers and premiered with Footnote Dance NZ in 2017.


Sisters of the Black Crow

A virtuosic and compelling all female trio contemporary dance performance exploring the mystic and divine female, part of Tempo Dance Festival’s 2016 shared programme Taumata: Four New Works.


Forgotten Things

A virtuosic contemporary work created for the New Zealand School of Dance in 2015 for 21 performers.



Full length contemporary work created for Footnote Dance NZ in 2013 exploring the theme of belonging and cults.


The Nothing

Full length contemporary work, the premiere of Foster Group in 2012.